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Rich and Rhine works closely with our key vendor partners to produce planograms tailored to help your stores maximize their sales per square foot.  Our process takes into account current local and national data, category trends, and new product launch cycles to ensure retailers have the optimal product assortment for their clientele.

Our category managers are constantly following product innovation and putting their knowledge to use in the field to help maintain the core SKUs that every set should have, while also driving category growth by introducing new items. “Set It and Forget It” no longer works as our industry undergoes rapid changes in customer preferences. Our planograms advice can help you set standard store sections, in addition to tricky areas, like Under The Counter, Deli Coolers, and Alternative Beverages.

We are able to analyze historic store purchases by category to create a basis for current store demographics, while also actively suggesting top-performing replacements available.

We also welcome our clients to share their ideas and objectives so we can create a custom planogram designed to help you achieve your unique goals.