Rich and Rhine Mission Statement:

Much like a family, you can trust and depend on our experienced team to deliver on commitments and clearly communicate new ideas and opportunities; allowing you to achieve the results you desire for your business.

Our core values are more than a collection of “buzzwords” — they are commandments of our business. These values are the benchmark for how we go about our business and care for employees, customers, and our vendors. These values help steer us in our decision making as we grow, and when times may be tough, they build strength, unity, and trust among our team.

  • Family – Through 70+ years in business, our foundation is established upon building long-term, stable relationships through ups and downs that cultivate both personal and professional growth for our team and our customers
  • Integrity – Delivering on our commitments with transparency and honesty is a hallmark of how we interact with both our customers and team members.
  • Dependability – You can rely on our team to be accountable in fulfilling your needs
  • Communication – our entire team prides itself on being accessible to your account on an ongoing basis so that you can focus your energy on taking care of your own customers
  • Continuous Improvement – We are dedicated to consistently updating and enhancing our operations and technology. By fine-tuning the little details in our systems, we aim to help you improve your productivity and profitability